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Leveluk K-8

Price EURO 3660 + Vat


Warranty 5 years
Kangen 8 (K8) is the most advanced Enagic Kangen Water machine and the latest that has the most powerful antioxidant power. Using 8 platinum-coated titanium electrode plates to increase water ionsiasi strength while increasing the production potential of antioxidants. This type has features FULL TOUCH SCREEN and there are 8 language options. If you need a machine that is powerful, flexible, latest generation engines are the most optimal, then Kangen 8 is suitable for you.


Leveluk SD 501

EURO 2780 + Vat

Best Option For Household Use

Warranty 5 years
SD501 Kangen Water is the best machine in its class to make this product as a BEST SELLER. Has 7 electrode plates and equipped with an electrolysis chamber with the highest quality. LeveLuk SD501 Kangen Water produces five types of water for a variety of many kinds of household needs. You can easily operate the SD501 thanks to the large LCD panel and clear voice prompts feature. If you need delicious

Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Price EURO 3000 + Vat


Introducing the stylish design, SD501 Platinum!

sd501 platinum
5 year warranty
Model SD501 PLATINUM LeveLuk has a modern design that is changed to follow the style of today’s modern home kitchen. The same power and performance with the SD501 is 7 electrode plates in the new design! Leading the industry continues to increase ionized water electrolysis system generator, and the SD501 PLATINUM is the best machine in its class. With the strongest electrolysis chamber available, complete with electrolysis makers in it, and a large LCD display panel and clear voice prompts, SD501 PLATINUM is the best stylish machine. There are additional features of Multi – Platinum SD501 language

LeveLuk JRII

Price EURO 1680 + Vat


Energy saving

Warranty 3 years
Machine JRII has three electrode plates which reduces power consumption. Because titanium plate plated platinum, this unit can still produce a strong acid (strong acid) and water Kangen strong (strong Kangen water).
Because of its low power consumption and a plate slightly, this machine is only recommended for one person or two people in one family , Every family should consider buying one of the models a more powerful engine for the amount of water needed. (note: this model is also NOT equipped with voice


EURO 1180 + Vat

Warranty 3 years
LeveLuk-R is a model “starter” of all types of Kangen Water machine that is priced MOST CHEAP and MOST AFFORDABLE for anyone who wants to have a Kangen machine Water. The product consists of three plates electrolysis to save energy and could only produce 3 types of water alone (ie KANGEN WATER pH 8.5-9.5, Clean Water Beauty Water pH 7.0 and pH 6.0) is NOT equipped with a type of electrolysis chamber so it CAN NOT produce Strong Acidic Water pH 2.5 and Strong Kangen Water pH 11.5. Although only able to produce three types of water, but the water quality is equal to another type. (Note: the purchase of machinery LeveLuk-R is also not included E-Cleaning Kit. You can buy E-Cleaning Kit



EURO 1680,00


Your home spa system
Warranty: 3 years

The ANESPA removes chlorine from your shower and bath water. Its dual cartridge system contains therapeutic ingredients that have a relaxing hot spring effect. The water is broken down into smaller clusters which makes it easier for your body to absorb the healthy and clean ANESPA water.